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'Subterraneans' is a collaboration between photographer Andrew Youngson and writer Edwina Attlee, with an epilogue by Marco Bohr.

Beneath Berlin lie hundreds of unexploded bombs, the last of the thousands dropped on the city during the Second World War. Andrew Youngson has photographed trees growing on or near the city's bomb sites, the shapes of which suggest not only past explosions but – due to the nature of their time-delay fuses – explosions yet to happen. These photographs are the result of over a hundred individual exposures layered onto single negatives, echoing both the compression of time and the archaeological nature of the work.

Edwina Attlee is writing from both the city and Andrew Youngson's photographs, interrogating what is at work in the relationship between delay and latency, detonation and deliberation whilst also paying attention to the physical and historical context of the bombs and their diffusing. She is experimenting with writing that follows the slow intent of the images in the form of a fairy tale written with help from a questionnaire filled out by dwellers in and visitors to Berlin.

Marco Bohr's text bridges the space between the two narratives and offers an insight into the study of hereditary trauma.
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